We Are All Related: Portraits by Andrea London

Andrea London has always been a poet of the eyes.

Her portraits of men, women, and children from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds are the very definition of intimacy. Her images loosen the floodgates of empathy and erase ‘’the Other” from our vocabulary of swirling categories.

All of these portraits are invitations to a deeper communion. They deserve the same attention great paintings warrant when you visit them in the world’s great museums.

Andrea London is a master at reminding us that we’re not doomed to be wandering souls. There’s a common humanity at play all around us if we only learn to look for it. There is no “Other” because, as her portraits eloquently remind us, we are all related.

—Tony Norman, Columnist, NEXTpittsburgh,
Chair, International Free Expression Project
We Are All Related is a multimedia exhibition from photographer Andrea London, a collection of compelling stories of the human experience including human and civil rights struggles of individuals and families living in Western Pennsylvania.

We Are All Related is available as a gallery exhibition, a public art installation, a video, a speaker’s presentation, and a book which can be ordered at the link below.
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